Applicant Curation Process



All CodeLaunch startups must submit a completed application during the application acceptance window for the event the founders want to compete it. CodeLaunch does not charge a fee to apply, nor do we take equity for a startup to advance and compete in the finals of an event. We do require some proof of execution, however. For example, having your UI/UX mockups prepared. We are not looking for “concepts only” or startups in the “embryonic stage”. You must have a decent deck and mock ups which show us what you want to create.

Quarterfinalists Selection


The CodeLaunch selection committee will review each application based on a select number of criteria. The Quarterfinalists will be selected and announced on a livestream, social media, the CodeLaunch website, and via email.

Once the announcement has been made, all Quarterfinalists are given execution milestones to reach. Progress toward these milestones heavily impacts further consideration by the committee.

Quarterfinalists who demonstrate the most hustle will advance to the Semifinalist round.

Semifinalists Selection


The quarterfinalist founders who prove themselves by meeting our execution challenges will be invited to accept a limited number of “Pitch Meeting Slots” which occur over a two week period. These are one hour meetings which are face to face or virtual. During the pitch meetings, the founders and the selection committee dive deeper into the startup. The pitch meetings include the following:

  • Intros and Welcome
  • A 5-minute uninterrupted pitch from the founders
  • Concept Q&A
  • Technical Q&A
  • Hackathon Goals
  • Execution Guidance, Suggestions, and Feedback

Finalists Selection


The CodeLaunch selection committee, along with our professional hackathon sponsors, will then choose from the very best founders. Which startups are selected for the finals depends greatly on short term resource availability from the hackathon sponsors, the categories supported at the event, and the technical “fit” of the startup’s tech and the team’s experience and skillset. Each finalist is paired with one team.

The professional hackathons occur a few weeks after the finalists are announce via LiveStream, just before the event, in the host city.

Finalists Hackathons


The finalists experience at CodeLaunch begins four days prior to the event. Day 1 is the beginning of the professional hackathon. The founders work directly with their consulting team, normally 3 to 5 consultants, within a tight two day timeline to crank out meaningful progress on their product. The 3rd day is reserved for finalists content such as pitch coaching, potential sponsor content, and the finalists’ dinner with CodeLaunch founder Jason W. Taylor. Day four is “game day”, which begins with a dress rehearsal lunch, exhibitor setup and then the competition at 5:30pm! It has been common for finalists to attend the full four day experience in person, however the hackathon experience can be engaged remotely.


CodeLaunch 8 Finalists

The competition kicks off with introductions to key sponsors, panelists, and a keynote speech. Following that the finalists each deliver pitches, followed by short demos, and are challenged by Q&A from the panelists. Upon conclusion of the last pitch the live audience selects the “Winner” of each event at a grand finale at votes via ProTexting. However, every CodeLaunch Finalist has already won by being paired with a pro team to work on their products! Following the competition the Startup Expo kicks off with high energy and usually lasts until about 9pm.

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