Frequently Asked Questions

Before CodeLaunch

What Does CodeLaunch Cost Founders?

CodeLaunch does not charge founders to apply, and we do not take equity to compete or event to win. CodeLaunch believes technology consulting professionals can and should have an impactful role in our national startup ecosystem helping technology founders level up their product development, as an amenity, not as a fee based service.

What’s the Curation Schedule?

Each CodeLaunch event has its own schedule. It starts with an application window, during which applications are accepted. Immediately after the deadline, the curation team will begin reviewing all applications.

Generally, the period between the initial application review and the finalists being announced is about 2 months. Finalists are announced 21 days ahead of the first travel day to the host city.

More details can be found on each event’s page once active.

Is CodeLaunch right for my Startup?

Yes, as long as your startup is dependent on software development expertise to get to the MVP stage, and you are not already at the MVP stage. You must also already have a well developed Pitch Deck and UI/UX mockups. It helps to have a team as well, versus just a single founder and no team to help with execution.

CodeLaunch is mostly for pre-MVP software technology startups. If your business has reached MVP already you may still be eligible. Startups that cannot scale their post-MVP startup, raise money, or ever have a chance at an exit, without more product development are also eligible. An example of this was our 2018 winner KidStrong. They had a few brick and mortar stores and customers and their concept was well established. However they needed a smartphone app to extend their curriculum to the home to scale into offering the business as a franchise and raising money.

If your startup has raised money, your product is stable, you have customers, and revenue, you are probably not a fit for CodeLaunch.

What is required to apply?

All you need is a polished pitch deck in PDF format, and realistic looking mockups or polished UI/UX wireframes, representing what you want to build. CodeLaunch does not take money, or equity, from applicants.

How do I apply?

Each event’s detail page will automatically allow applications during the application acceptance window.

Can someone steal my idea?

We take protecting early stage startups ideas very seriously. This is why each CodeLaunch application comes with a built in mutual NDA. In the 8 years we produced CodeLaunch in DFW, we were never accused by anyone of sharing their ideas and not one startup’s idea was ever stolen or even borrowed from.

Each “Finalist” has to make a decision about how much or how little they want to share the “secret sauce” of their idea once on stage. We have learned that this concern is mostly exaggerated and more common among less experienced founders. However there are edge cases and sometimes holding a bit back may be the best course. It’s up to the founder to decide this, not CodeLaunch production teams.

CodeLaunch is awesome! How can I align my business and/or participate in the next CodeLaunch event?

CodeLaunch requires a healthy network of community partners, financial sponsors, and hackathon sponsors to be effective. A variety of relationships and sponsorships are always offered. For more information please contact

During CodeLaunch

How does CodeLaunch work?

We open the event with our Pitch Day competition where three competitors will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. After the winners are selected, the Startup Expo begins. At the Startup Expo, you can network with investors, venture capitalists, and the entrepreneurial community. Winners also have the potential to earn thousands of dollars in seed services. Learn more about the previous CodeLaunch winners and awarded seed services on our History Page.

What is Pitch Day and how does it work?

Competitors will present their ideas to a panel of judges during a five-minute pitch. After the presentations, the judges panel will engage in a Q&A session with each finalist. Afterwhich, the audience will then have the opportunity to vote for the winner via an SMS poll.

What is the Startup Expo and how does it work?

The Startup Expo is an event designed to get CodeLaunch attendees in front of investors, business owners, and entrepreneurial community. CodeLaunch sponsors will also have tables demonstrating the newest and hottest emerging technologies.

How are winners selected? What criteria are the presenters judged on?

After each finalist’s presentation and a brief Q&A session by the judges, the audience will have the opportunity to vote for the overall winner. Each finalist will receive a pro-hackathon in the days prior to the event but the overall winner will be eligible for more seed services from additional vendors. Finalists will be judged on financial potential, creativity, and concept feasibility. The audience votes for the winner via SMS.

Is there a virtual option at CodeLaunch events?

No. We believe our event has the most impact on the startups and the Startup Expo generates the most connections when it’s “in person”. Additionally, the startups sometime have concerns about their concept / idea getting out in the wild at this early stage.

After CodeLaunch

What can I expect if I win?

Every CodeLaunch finalist has already won, whether they win the audience vote or not. The “winner” may be eligible for more seed services from some additional vendors. All finalists receive a professional hackathon in the days prior to the event and walk off the stage with that code and working product in hand – well equipped to gain interest and raise funding from angels, VCs, and others. All the CodeLaunch finalists are poised for success and ready for funding and the world’s best accelerators!

Community Partners